adopting an environmental strategy INTO FARMING PRACTICES

16 August 2019

Koala Farms have always incorporated environmental management strategies into its farming practices however, with the recent return of Kristy Staatz back into the family business, a decision was made to appoint her into an environmental role to formalise how we can adopt improved practices that support environmental sustainability.

Koala Farms CEO, Anthony Staatz said “It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have appointed Kristy to lead our team in our environmental pursuits.  Koala Farms have always prided itself on developing sustainable practices and Kristy’s appointment formalises our commitment to ensuring that we are doing all we can do to reduce our impact on the environment”.

With Kristy taking the lead, the Koala Farms environmental strategy was developed and adopted.  It is built on four pillars being sustainability, biodiversity, carbon reduction and community and these pillars guide better environmental practice in our business.

Kristy said, “As a young farmer questioning what our worlds future is looking like, I want to make sure we are doing whatever is possible to give my generation and younger generations a fighting chance at living in a stable environment. And I don’t think it’s worth the risk to not do everything within our power. It has been an incredible opportunity for me to step back into the business as the Environmental Manager and it just goes to show the commitment of Anthony and Koala Farms when it comes to these issues. I really hope we can lead the industry and our community in environmental stewardship going forward.”

Over the coming months, Koala Farms will be implementing several initiatives that fall under the four pillars and in addition to this, Kristy will be running an environmental projects on our farm to test farming practices and how they impact on the environment.

About Koala Farms

Koala Farms is committed to providing high quality safe produce to our customers on the East Coast of Australia through innovative processes and strong employee and customer relationships. Koala Farms is constantly assessing ways to improve product quality and safety standards through continuous improvement and auditing practices. This allows Koala Farms to meet and exceed industry’s highest quality stands and regulatory food safety requirements.

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