Koala Farms Nurseries

As our business has grown so too have the opportunities and the need to invest in innovative technology.

We started growing our own seedlings in 2014 and now grow over 30 million seedlings for ourselves each year. We have also started growing commercially for other farmers in the Lockyer Valley.

Our nursery is a newly adopted technology that allows us to have full control of what our seedlings are exposed to throughout the growing process. Having a closed loop system from seedling to ground ensures that we are fully traceable throughout the whole process of growing.

It also enables us to have more control over the quality of our vegetables. Using such advanced technology has meant that we have great control over the elements that our seedlings are exposed to.

Using a retractable roof system has given us the opportunity to control how much water, sun, heat and exposure our seedlings get.

If you would like to have Koala Farms produce seedlings for you, please get in touch through the contact form below.

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