adopting an environmental strategy INTO FARMING PRACTICES

Koala Farms have always incorporated environmental management strategies into its farming practices however, with the recent return of Kristy Staatz back into the family business, a decision was made to appoint her into an environmental role to formalise how we can adopt improved practices that support environmental sustainability.


Duck control press release

Koala Farms solves duck problem with new laser technology

Over the last few years there has been an increase in duck migration impacting on the Koala Farms crops in Gatton, Queensland.

“The increase in ducks on our Gatton farm has been causing damage to our crops and loss of yield” said Luke Spittles, Farm Manager.


The written word


Koala Farms: Vegetables and salads the main dish at Gatton, Queensland

Vegetables and salad are far from side dishes for Koala Farms. They are front and centre of a dynamic horticulture business serving it up to households across Australia.

Koala Farms lifts the lid at QCL's Food Heroes day

Anthony and Diane Staatz’s innovative family owned business Koala Farms will be the focus of Queensland Country Life’s agenda setting Food Heroes event at Gatton on April 12.

Food Heroes: How Koala Farms delivers

FOOD HERO: Anthony Staatz explaining the sophisticated production system used on Koala Farms to supply Coles supermarkets with lettuce and broccoli.

Water security is vital for future of local producers

With water allocations looming, Gatton lettuce grower Anthony Staatz, of Koala Farms, believes it may be more equitable for farmers to work from regions other than the Lockyer Valley.

Lockyer Valley farmer wins the top horticulture award

It’s no surprise Anthony Staatz is an exceptional farmer. He's the fifth generation of his family to farm in the Lockyer Valley which now primarily grows lettuce varieties for the Australian consumer.

Austin Lenord: A spinach star on the rise

Austin Lenord is a 28-year-old grower from Koala Farms in Gatton, Queensland. We profiled him in the November/December 2017 edition of Vegetables Australia magazine.




Bayer Visiting the Koala Farm in Gatton, Queensland, Australia

McDonalds, Proudly homegrown campaign

QCL's Food Heroes horticulture forum from Koala Farms, Gatton, Lockyer Valley.