im a backpacker, HOW DO I APPLY FOR A JOB AT koala farms?

If you are a backpacker looking for work, please visit our employment page or click here. We ONLY accept online applications through our website. You will be asked a series of questions to ensure you are eligible to work in Australia. Please do not bring a physical copy of your resume to our office, we will just direct you to our website to apply.

when will i know if i have a job or not?

We will get in touch with you when we have positions available. We can have hundreds of people applying during our busy season, so we will not have time to get in touch with everyone to let them know if they were unsuccessful.

are you hiring for PERMANENT staff?

If you are looking for a permanent position at Koala Farms, please head over to the employment page or click here. We are always on the look out for people who want to challenge themselves and be immersed in the agriculture industry.

how to i buy your product?

firstly, thank you for wanting to purchase our product! But most importantly, you can find our products in your local Coles everywhere. You can also find some of our products in Woolworths, Aldi and some independent grocers.

Are you looking for more labour hire partners?

At the moment we are partnered up with a labour hirer / contractor and we’re not looking to work with any one else.

are you growing sunflowers at the moment?

We grow sunflowers on the Darling Downs from December through to February. They are normally looking their best through January, all though this is different every year. We hope you get some happy snaps when they are looking their best! If you would like to know where the Darling Downs property is head over here.

i want to complain about macadamia nuts…

Well we have just one problem… We don’t grow macadamia nuts! But this Koala Farms does so head over to this website to make all of the complaints you want : )

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