Koala Farms solves duck problem with new laser technology 

24 May 2019

Over the last few years there has been an increase in duck migration impacting on the Koala Farms crops in Gatton, Queensland.

“The increase in ducks on our Gatton farm has been causing damage to our crops and loss of yield” said Luke Spittles, Farm Manager.

Koala Farms CEO, Anthony Staatz said “my team and I felt it was time to do something about the duck problem and considered many options and that minimal environmental impacts and safety were a priority. We looked at all potential options and Agrilaser Autonomic was identified as the best solution”.

Agrilaser Autonomic is a fully automated bird deterrent system that provides continuous bird repelling. This is achieved by projecting laser beams across crops and the birds perceive it as a physical danger and fly away. The automated laser is a safe innovative method of repelling birds without causing harm to the birds and the surrounding environment.

Koala Farms installed 3 Agrilasers equipped with solar panels at the outer areas of the farm projecting across crops.

“We are very impressed with the difference the laser technology is having as it seems to be deterring the ducks away from our crops” said Luke Spittles.

One local resident contacted Koala Farms commenting that when driving past the Gatton farm one night he noticed a spectacular laser show reflecting off the crops.

About Koala Farms

Koala Farms is committed to providing high quality safe produce to our customers on the East Coast of Australia through innovative processes and strong employee and customer relationships. Koala Farms is constantly assessing ways to improve product quality and safety standards through continuous improvement and auditing practices. This allows Koala Farms to meet and exceed industry’s highest quality stands and regulatory food safety requirements.

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