What We Grow

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We grow 3 varieties of lettuce including Iceberg, Baby Cos and Gem Cos. Our Iceberg lettuce is cut, washed and packed in the paddock leaving the field ready to eat. Our Baby Cos and Gem Cos are cut and delivered to our premium packing facility to be graded and sealed, keeping them fresh and crispy for our customers.

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We have been growing broccoli for years, we love to grow it, and we love to eat it! All of our broccoli is hand cut in the paddock and sent through to our high quality packing facility to be packed and iced. This ensures we are sending crisp crunchy broccoli, all year round.

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Baby Leaf

The newest edition to our production line, Spinach and Rocket. From seed to sprout, our spinach and rocket transforms our paddock into a leafy lawn. We harvest and supply to major processors to ensure it is clean, fresh and ready to enjoy.


From our nursery, to our paddock to your plate.

This is how we get our produce to your dinner table.


It all starts with a seed.

For the first four to six weeks of our seedlings lives we nurture & protect against elements and pests in our nursery. Every hour of every day we are monitoring weather conditions to make sure our seedlings are in a consistent warm temperature with the perfect amount of light and water. When our seedlings are mature enough to be planted in the paddock, we carefully transplant them into the ground, and out into the big wide world.

It follows with seedling to soil.

Our planting crew is in charge of transitioning our seedlings from seedling trays to our farm beds. To make sure our seedlings have the best chance possible, we have invested heavily in research and development to improve our farms soil health. Transitioning from our protected nursery into the open paddock has its challenges, as our seedlings are vulnerable to pests, weather and disease we always monitor their growth rate and appearance for any indication of stress.

Now we maintain.

Now that our seedlings are through the first stage of being in the open paddock we work on keeping the plants as healthy and happy as possible. Through summer and winter we can experience extreme weather conditions that we cant control. Too much heat and a lettuce will shoot up through the core and look like a Christmas tree! Too much frost and cold through winter and we will have frost bite. It is a learning curve working along side mother nature to produce the best product possible, we are always learning and developing to help our plants thrive.

Time to harvest.

After 6 weeks of growing in the soil our crop is ready to be harvested. Hand cut and packed in the paddock, our produce is then taken to our cold-rooms to be vac cooled. Our Iceberg lettuce, broccoli, spinach and rocket is sent off via truck to supermarket depot’s around Australia. Our broccoli, baby cos and gem cos are all taken to our packing facility to be packaged and stacked for supermarkets along the east coast.

To your plate.

After 12 weeks of love and nurturing it is now ready for our customers to hand pick their favourite dinner staples. We hope you enjoy.